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Peak Performance

Woosh, click, splash, click....woosh, click, splash, click....woosh, click, splash, click

To those who have ever rowed on a crew team, that is the sound of pure joy when it is all in unison. When all rowers in the shell are in total sync catching and releasing the water together, keeping the boat perfectly balanced and charging ahead down a picturesque river in the fall as the leaves change nothing can be more blissful. It's almost intoxicating really. The flow of those moments when the team is fully together at peak performance can be as elusive as they are desirable. Hours of practice go into trying to replicate those precious moments of flow in any activity we do throughout our work and play. When we are able to replicate them, time stands still and we are so focused in those moments so we can relish their energy and magic.

Life changes can present opportunities for us to enter into new roles that will leverage those activities that we have achieved flow in in the past. OR the changes can present us with the opportunity to try new activities and discover new areas we can thrive in. Knowing what our peak performance looks like is key to replicating and seeking it soooooooooo

What activity/task are you doing when you are at your peak performance?
What is the skill most required for that activity/task?
Step by step, how would you instruct someone else to do that activity/task? Use every sense to describe it: feel, see, smell, taste (if applicable), and mental state.

Tell me about it!!! Post it below, reach out via email or any of my socials, or let's Zoom about it. I'd love to include your thoughts in my upcoming book 80 Year Old You so let your voice be heard.

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