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I'm writing a book...

... and I need to include YOUR story!! The book is going to be all about how to successfully and mindfully make big life changes. I've made a ton of big life changes and, if I had to do them all again, I'd probably make the same decisions but do them more intentionally. The first big life choice I made was wanting to join the military and fly planes because "well duh it's cool and Top Gun was a pretty awesome movie." Not the most mindful approach but hey, I was only 16 when I came up with that brilliant plan. I got better over time and I have some go to questions I mull over whenever the opportunity for change arises.

Those questions are going to fill the pages of this book along with stories of mine, and YOURS, about change that answer those key questions. The working title is 80 Year Old You based on my central question: What does your living room look like when you're 80? What's in there from your life that speaks to your values as a person in the things you've done along the way? By looking at the destination we can more thoughtfully arrange the journey.

So tell me YOUR story! Every other week, I'll be posting a question here starting with that central question. Email me, comment below, DM me on a social platform, or pick up the phone and let YOUR voice be heard. I want to know and others do too. None of us have walked the same path so your approach to change could speak more loudly to someone then my approach ever could.

"But Sarah what happened to your book blog and the reading list?" Great question. The time came to pivot and focus my efforts. I'm still reading great books, including Valorie Burton's Let Go of the Guilt: Stop beating yourself up and take back your joy. I will be posting on them and I do still welcome your feedback and enthusiasm but while working on 80 Year Old You the blog is going to be about gathering YOUR stories.

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