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Not the end!

I have put off writing this post for so long. I wrote the first nine like it was nothing, like I already had the words and they couldn’t get onto the computer fast enough. But this one...

Here I am, almost two months since the book went live in ebook form on Amazon; almost one month since my last call with my marketing editor; so far removed from the beginning of the book journey that those first cohort meetings are tough to recall. “Why is this blog post proving so difficult to write?” has been the question at the front of my mind for the past SIX weeks that it has been on my calendar to do.

It’s because I was viewing it as the end of the journey. I saw the word “conclusion” and hid from it. I don’t want it to end so maybe if I just don’t type it won’t happen. Have you ever done that? Avoided what looked like an end because you weren’t ready to let it go?

But you know what? It’s not the end! Sure it’s the end of this very specific blog series but it is not the end of the book...not even close.

To date:

  • 221 copies of the book have been sold

  • 20 copies of the companion journal are being used

  • 4 school libraries have a copy displayed on their alumni shelves and have included its information in their quarterly school publications

  • 3 podcasts have spread the word via an interview and advertising

  • 2 book clubs will be featuring the book later this year

  • annnnnd my home-town book store, the Vero Beach Book Center, is stocking it!

Those are some truly amazing numbers if you ask me! I see those numbers grow everyday and I think “I’ve reached more lives today.” That was the goal at the beginning of this journey and it remains the goal today - to reach, and encourage, people out there seeking change in their lives.

“The journey of 1000 miles begins with one step” said Lao Tzu. The ebook and paperback were beginning steps in this journey. Next up is the hardcover coming in May. There is a lot of work to be done behind the scenes between now and then so keep checking back on my site and social media for updates on the path to publication. For now, the blog posts will return to their eclectic vibes with occasional book posts mixed in to update and refresh. Connect with me and let me know if there is something from the book you’d like to hear more on and I’ll definitely write about it.!

I have enjoyed writing this article series about my book, All About Change: How to Successfully Make Personal Life Changes. If you’d like to get a copy, you can find it on Amazon — here is the link to Amazon. I'd love to connect! You can reach me here via email or connect with me on social: Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

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