StarSand Magazine

The first of, hopefully, many appearances!

Coaching is my formal passion but food and writing about food are my informal, creative outlets. Thankfully, plenty of people share that same love and want to read about it! I had a blast exploring some decadent, French cafe's while "researching" for this article. 

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StarSand Magazine

Spring / Summer 2020 Edition

Y’all know that I love to eat and write so I constantly try to find ways to combine the two. I had the honor of interviewing the ladies behind Next Door Naturals for the Spring/Summer edition of StarSand Magazine!They make natural remedies from locally grown, Okinawa produce.

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Foodie Friday

Every Friday on the Marine Gift Shop Blog

I joke when people ask me why/how I run some much. I say that it's because I'm 500 pounds on the inside. The hidden truth here is that I love to eat especially if it involves trying a new place! Check out my food adventures every Friday at


My First Interview!

March 2, 2019

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by a local, Okinawan website to be featured on their services page. Okinawa Hai was one of the first pages my search landed on when I was researching our new home and many people here have that same story so I was honored to be included. Check out what they wrote up here

Coaching with New You Coaching




The Unconventional Leader, Chip Lutz

Chip and I share a passion for service, the Navy, and leadership. When I was early in the launch phase of New You Coaching, Chip was there routing me on! He graciously asked me to be on his podcast and here is the episode:

Leadership Happy Hour 77