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We can't talk about change without talking about not changing. People choose not to change for dozens of what they will say are reasons but ultimately it comes down to one of two things: fear or it just doesn't fit. When an opportunity comes around that just doesn't fit that's easy to spot. I was once asked to join the intermural hockey team in college because they needed a couple extra players and "well you're pretty athletic Sarah so you'll pick it up quick." I probably could pick up the skill set quickly but there's just one probably....I have absolutely no desire to spend time on ice!! I'm from Florida and New Orleans, y'all hear me? Those are easy opportunities to pass on; the ones prevented by fear can be tricky.

A pastor from a small church in Northern Ireland came and spoke to our congregation once when I was living in Jacksonville, FL. He was trying to fill a mission trip of eager workers to lend a hand rebuilding a church there. I'd never been on a mission trip but Northern Ireland sounded like a pretty great place to try one out for the first time. I was super excited about it until the last sentence the pastor said "Oh and we'll leave sometime in January." Again with the cold y'all!! Not my jam. But was that really my reason for saying no to this opportunity that could have totally changed me and my faith? Of course not. That was just the easy, convenient excuse fear handed me. The real hurdle was that I felt like I was way too inexperienced compared to the other people who were interested in signing up. I felt like a baby or an imposter among their ranks so I backed away from that change opportunity.

What has held you back from taking an opportunity to change that has come your way??

Fear hurdles are sneaky. They will build themselves up so so high in our mind's eye with excuses but really they are no bigger than one step in the right direction the change is calling you in. Once you get moving toward that change, the hurdles will start to fall. Tell me about your experience with them! Tell me about a time you passed on a change opportunity because of a may see it again in my upcoming book!! Email me, comment below, or get at me on any of my socials to be included in my pages.

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