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One for me

I have been crocheting for decades and up until now I have never made anything for myself. Everything I made when I was younger, crooked edges and all, went to my mom or grandmother. They cherished those uneven stitches, wild colors, and misshapen items like they were toilet paper in the COVID-19 scare...too soon? Point being, they loved anything I made no matter it's usability. It wasn't until I expanded my recipient portfolio that I began to worry about how items looked, felt, and could be utilized. Somewhere along the way in all the crafting for others I forgot to create for me.

A beautiful, delicate, navy blue and white yarn arrived from a friend one day out of the blue. She had just visited Paris where she saw the exquisite yarn and knew I had to have it. She sent a note with the yarn stating two important things: #1 use it to make something for me and no one else and #2 she said she knew she should have gotten me two skeins of it but thought of that too late. Thankfully the second part, getting more yarn, one wasn't too difficult thanks to my "always up for a good internet challenge" husband. But the first part was another story. I had no idea what to make for me.

How often is that true? We know what to do, say, advise others but we don't know what to advise, do, or say to ourselves? People ask me why I post on my crafts when the rest of my blog is so leadership/self-betterment oriented. The simple answer is that it's me demonstrating my advice to others (leading by example if you will). Your brain needs variety, just like your muscles, to perform at its best. If you do the same process everyday, your horizons will not expand and you won't progress in anything be it mental or physical. You've got to change up the routine to open your mind and to be your best self. Build something. Pick up a sport. Try a new genre of book. Take a cooking class focused on a different country's cuisine. Change your drive route to/from work. Travel, it doesn't have to be far just new. There are endless ways to expand your bounds! So...what will you try for you?

Check out these pics of my most recent creations! The scarf I made just for me, some sea glass art made with sea glass found on Okinawa's sea glass beach, and a baby blanket for a friend's adorable baby boy. Next up on the reading list is Fly Girls: How five daring women defied all odds and made aviation history starting on March 27th. Order a copy today and join the conversation in two weeks. Until then, let me know what you think about the projects by posting below, emailing, or reaching out on my socials.

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