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Dudes Make Stuff Too!

It has been a while since we have paused for a craft break because I have had so many thought provoking books on my shelves that I have been excited to read and share. I still have many exciting books coming up (starting with Silent Sacrifice on the Homefront which we will dive into starting on the 29th) but having a creative outlet as a leader is hugely important and I could not pass up the chance to share Jason's latest woodshop projects with you.

Drew's book, The Military Leader, addressed many important skills leaders need to spend time honing as they continue to evolve and develop. It is just as important to give your mind other non-work related subjects to explore so it can rest and gain insights from other inspirational sources. My husband, Jason, and I have had this discussion many times. He totally agrees and makes time to get creative in many ways. When I pitched the idea of his wood working projects being the topic of my next Craft Break, he said "Dudes don't craft, they build." I hope you can see my dramatic eye rolling in your imagination. Whatever you call it, giving yourself a creative outlet is as important as exercise, reading, and all of the other leadership development related tasks you are tackling. Play an instrument, learn a different language, cook, grill, sew (guys you need this too for those times that buttons jump off your clothes), photography, paint, sling some clay, blow glass, bird watch, write, train dogs, do any sort of activity that does not have a foot in your day job as a creative outlet! Do not limit yourself by thinking that crafting/creating is only done with items found in your local Michael's or JoAnn's. Try lots of activities until one, or more, sticks and run with it. Tell your friends, colleagues, mentees, family, the world all about them so you can inspire others to expand their creative mind as well. See how the views and ideas you bring to your day job grow too as you do this.

Getting creative also allows you a space beyond your work life to learn from failing. I am absolutely certain that 99.99% of you who attempt to learn a language, an instrument, or any new skill will not be an expert at if after your first try. You will fail. You will create something that is just that - a something. You will not want to keep it and you certainly will not want to give or sell it to anyone else. Great!! What did you learn? How can you grow? How can you apply what you learned from that lesson to your day job or your home life? Show me your creativity! I would love to see pictures and comments about your creations so please post them below, send me an email, or tag me in your social media when you show the world. Come on back on March 29th when we dive into a book that will hit close to home for a lot of you - Silent Sacrifice on the Homefront.

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