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It started with the workbook

I wish I could say that I headed home after the encounter with Tim at TAP and started writing that night...but I didn’t. I was still in the Navy for another month. I had not finished my coaching certification yet. I didn’t feel like I was the right person for the task at that junction so I stored that inspiration up for the right time.

That time came in 2019 when I noticed some trends with my clients. Darlene and three other clients were all facing changes they said they wanted to make but weren’t actively pursuing.

Here’s a short excerpt from Chapter Six: Don’t Hesitate:

“I cannot want your change for you more than you want it for yourself,” I told Darlene during one of our coaching sessions...

Darlene was an architect so I asked her to think of her potential new career as a house under construction. I helped her to realize that she was constructing her "home" before picking the site. She was looking at the sturdy walls of her potential new careers (all the logical reasons she had listed previously) but she was neglecting to inspect the plot of land. She wasn’t examining what really connected any of the new careers to who she was. She didn’t know what she valued in work beyond the tangibles so she had no idea how to choose and was thus choosing not to change.

She wasn’t alone! It was the same story with the other three clients. All four of them knew they weren't happy with their current situation, but beyond dollars and office location, they didn't understand what drew them towards other roles. This had all four of them stuck, not moving ahead with the changes they claimed they wanted to make.

I went on to ask Darlene several thought provoking questions including: What part of her day at work brought her joy? What work was she doing when others complemented her for her work? If I were to interview one of her co-workers, what personality traits would they say Darlene possessed? Each question was meant to have her search for how her values were reflected in aspects of her work that she enjoyed.

It was from that coaching session that “Master Your Life Transition” workbook was born. It was collection of questions I’d found myself asking of the four similarly stuck clients. Several of those questions needed stories and information to wrap them so that they were more impactful to someone reading them without having the benefit of an in person coaching session. Then I wondered “is now the time to revisit that inspiration from Tim and maybe turn this into a full book?” It was, and the wheels started to turn to bring you All About Change!

In this article series, I share excerpts, insights and stories from my book, All About Change: How to Successfully Make Personal Life Changes. I hope you enjoyed this post — if you enjoyed it and want to connect you can reach me here via email or connect with me on social: Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. Also, you can also find my book on Amazon — here is the link to buy it: Amazon Kindle

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